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Our History is an interesting one. Starting off as an Import and Export company in the new South Africa in 1994 under the name Maliekal Imports & Exports CC, we traded and distributed a number of products in the Southern African region. Some enquiries led us to float glass and some research showed us opportunities in the glass market in South Africa at the time. Our stream-lined operation helped us get a foot hold in the market. Many rural homes in our area today can enjoy the light and warmth of the African sun because we are able to supply quality glass. We help “lighten up” your life!

From East London, we opened branches in Mthatha, George and Port Elizabeth. The growing economy especially in the building sector, saw the glass industry grow as well. But, compared to the rest of the world, SA still lagged behind in the use of glass as a modern building material.

We live in a beautiful country with sunshine and moderate climate all year round, but we use more of the ancient bricks and mortar than we use modern glass products!

To help develop the glass industry in South Africa, we decided to expand our business from glass distribution to glass processing and value-addition. With our glass tempering furnace and other processing machines, we are able to add value and enhance the use of glass in our area.

Soon we hope to set up a laminating line to make laminated safety glass. We shall also have to go forward with coated-glass lines which cannot be delayed as the global green movement will not succeed if our built-environment does not transform from its current high energy consumption for heating or cooling.

Glass can be our saviour in preserving and enjoying the great beauty of Africa.




To contribute to the general development of the glass industry in South Africa so as to make it one of the primary building products in the country

Add Value

To add value to glass products and supply them at affordable prices

Ethical Business

To conduct business ethically, balancing the interests of all concerned: the end users, our direct clients, our investors and employees.

Energy Efficiency

To promote the use of energy efficient glass so as to contribute to the “green” building movement in our country.


To grow our business by building a ‘learning organisation’ that does not shy away from technology, innovation and flexibility.

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